Seven Basic Reasons
Why People Succeed


1. They allow themselves TIME to succeed.
It takes ten years to become a doctor, five years to become a lawyer, and 1000 hours of apprenticeship to become a barber. Yet, too many people try just a few months or a few weeks, and decide that their business just didn't work out.

2. They have strong DESIRE.
Many people wish they were successful or wealthy, but they don't really want success bad enough to do all the things that are necessary to achieve it.

3. They have a PLAN.
They don't let each day take care of itself. A successful person outlines and plans their time; every year, every month, every week, every day, and every hour. They know where they are going.

4. They have BELIEF in themselves and their business.
Belief is so powerful that it can overcome almost any obstacle. Most people don't believe strongly enough in themselves or their opportunity.

5. They are TEACHABLE and willing to continually learn.
Herbert Hoover said, "The wise man learns from experience. The super wise man learns from the experience of others." Top people read books, listen to tapes and CDs on achievement, attend seminars, and talk with successful people to obtain ideas that will help them to be better.

6. They show ENTHUSIASM and find ways to stay motivated.
Emerson said, "Nothing great has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm." Enthusiasm is to success as yeast to bread... It raises the dough!

7. They work HARD AND SMART.
It's too bad that many people have become lazy, apathetic or negative. They are missing out on some of the greatest riches in life. Achievers work hard and smart. They also have fun doing it because they have desire, belief and enthusiasm.
NOTE: Of all these seven reasons why people succeed, not one of them has to do with age, race, sex, nationality, marital status, background or formal education.

Do you have goals and dreams? Are you achieving them?
A great leader once said, you either have results or excuses.
Are you ready for results?

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